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» japan/taiwan headcanons: sleeping part 2



[ original deleted, artist here ]

Continuing on from that last one…

Japan does tend to fall asleep during the day. Sometimes an intentional nap or sometimes accidentally.

Taiwan almost always wakes him up. But he finds her methods of doing so are pretty cute. Like she’ll kiss him, or nuzzle him. Or if she’s feeling particularly energetic she will jump on him to surprise him. And he will tickle her to make her pay for it. >wo

The only times she doesn’t wake him up is when she joins him in his napping. ヾ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ


He doesn’t do so as often when he is by himself (only when he has overworked himself somehow - which he has a tendency to do sometimes).

But it happens more when Taiwan is around because she keeps him up later at night, but he still wakes up in the morning. (He has a really strong internal clock for waking - part of why he always wakes up before her, too.)))

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you guys should submit stuff!

not that kiku & i can’t always think of things, but submissions are fun!

the power of niwan kitties compels you! (*≧▽≦)

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» japan/taiwan headcanon: who gets up first?


[ pixiv source & artist deleted ;A; ]

Japan wakes up earlier than Taiwan does. ouo

Because of this, he’s usually the one cooking breakfast, regardless of whether she’s at his house or he’s at hers.

Though the first few times at her house, he wasn’t sure if he was allowed to go through her cabinets and such, so he would just lay there and patiently watch her sleep. Sometimes he still just watches her sleep. `u`

Occasionally she’ll half-wake when he starts to get up, and if she feels like it, she’ll pull him back down to bed before he can leave. Then she’ll go back to sleep with him as her hug pillow. (●`ω´●)

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Despite a not entirely happy past together, Taiwan has come to love Japan for who he is, not who he was.


(Source: pixiv.net)

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When she was under his care, Taiwan constantly bugged Japan to tell her stories about pirates, especially about Koxinga.


(Source: pixiv.net)

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Most of the time during the war, Taiwan was kept in the dark about what exactly Japan was doing. But sometimes…she helped him.

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Sometimes Japan would come home covered in blood. Taiwan was never quite sure which worried her more - that it was his, or that it wasn’t.

Anonymous asked:
❝ can we have more wwii related headcanons? ❞

We will try our best!

Some help from followers would be appreciated? :DD Both of us probably have some floating around in our heads, but we also like to hear others’ ~

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Sometimes, they argue over who does the chores. 

— blargharghful

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After Taiwan left Japan’s home, her room officially became a guest room, but they both know it’s hers to use whenever she wishes. (Although, she likes using Japan’s room a lot now too.)